U bent niet ingelogd.

Let's give it a try

This page is reserved for our try-out questionnaire. In this questionnaire, we present you the competencies and indicators just like we do in the actual questionnaire. It offers you the opportunity to try out what we expect from you when you participate. Obviously, we will use different, but similar questions in the actual questionnaire. If you want to, you can use the try-out questionnaire more than once. However, we estimate that the for questions presented will be enough for you to understand what we expect.

One by one, we present you a competency. With each competency, we show you six indicators. From this selection, you pick three indicators that you think to be the most important indicators to determine if the specialist in gifted education has acquired the competency. Once you start to select your three indicators, the background on your screen gets pink. Once you have made your selection of three indicators, your screen gets white again. At that point, you can go on to the following question.



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