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At this webpage, you’ll find the actual questionnaire for our research. This questionnaire can only be used once by every participant. One by one, we present you a competency. With each competency, we show you six indicators. From this selection, you pick three indicators that you think to be the most important indicators to determine if the specialist in gifted education has acquired the competency. Once you start to select your three indicators, the background on your screen gets pink. Once you have made your selection of three indicators, your screen gets white again. At that point, you can go on to the following question.

In this questionnaire, we sometimes use a professional jargon. That is inevitable as we are researching for what is to be professional behavior of a highly qualified group of professionals. Hence, you might have difficulties to interpret some of the expression we use. That is nothing to worry about; it is only understandable. In that case, you might want to use the glossary of terms we have made for you. That enables you to check if you have interpreted the terminology correctly. You can download the glossary of terms by using the link in the purple button.



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