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Phase 1
This first phase takes about 30 minutes of your time. During this phase, you can take a pause and even log off from the website whenever you want and come back at a more convenient time. In the first phase of the research, we provide information about the research project and the construction of the competency matrix. We do this by showing you three PowerPoint presentations. They are embedded on the website as short videos. The first two videos focus on the construction of the competency matrix.

  1. Video 1 provides the background to understand the research project.
  2. Video 2 offers you more information on the competency matrix and the indicators for competent behavior.
  3. Video 3 explains what we expect you to do in order to select indicators for the professional behavior of the specialist in gifted education.
  4. We ask you for your formal consent for your participation in our research project.
  5. Finally, we have a short questionnaire for you to practice the required selection procedure briefly.

Phase 2
In the second phase of the research, you are asked to select indicators for competent behavior. We present one competency at a time, together with six indicators. From these six indicators, you are asked to select three that you think are the best indicators for that competency.

This part of the research will take approximately 30 minutes to as much as 1 hour. In this phase, you can take a break as long as you do not close the webpage with the questionnaire or log off of the website. So, as long as you leave the webpage open, you can go for a coffee break and come back at a later time.

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