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Research to the competences of the specialist in gifted education

Do you want to participate? 

Who can participate in the research?

  • Regular classroom teachers with gifted students
  • Teachers in pull-out programs/enrichment groups
  • Teachers working in a self-contained gifted classroom
  • Gifted education coordinators
  • School counsellors
  • School administrators
  • School psychologists/educational advisors
  • Parents of gifted students 

Why should you participate?
This research project offers you, as a stakeholder, the opportunity to give your input on what you think that are relevant indicators for professionally competent behaviors for a specialist in gifted education. Research amongst a broad group of stakeholders will contribute to the professionalisation of the specialist in gifted education and can improve the quality of gifted education programs.

How much time do you have to invest?
Phase 1 takes about 30 minutes. Phase 2 will take approximately 30 minutes to as much as 1 hour. In this phase, you can take a break as long as you do not close the webpage with the questionnaire or log off of the website. So, as long as you leave the webpage open, you can go for a coffee break and come back at a later time.

How can you participate?
Participating is easy. Follow the link "I want to participate" in the purple button. Read the instructions and then start with phase 1 by watching the videos.  

I want to participate


Additional information
This research takes place without any governmental funding or financial support of third parties.
The research developing competencies and the designing of professional standards for specialist in gifted education for the Netherlands and Flanders is a doctoral research study conducted by Drs. E.W.J.M. van Gerven under supervision of Prof. Dr. T. Kieboom and Prof. Dr. Ing. K. Venderickx (University of Hasselt). Both, the competency matrix and the list of matching indicators are based upon an international literature study done by Drs E.W.J.M. van Gerven. The original design for the empirical part of the research was developed by Drs. Van Gerven, and is being utilized in the current study. The original research took place in the Netherlands and Flanders between November 2018-March 2019.

Based upon this earlier work, Drs. E.W.J.M. van Gerven and Dr. C. Matthew Fugate have designed a joint project to compare gifted education stakeholder attitudes in the Netherlands and Flanders, other European countries and the United States. This comparative research is an extension of the original research design and has to be seen as a separate research project.

Privacy statement research project "Competencies of the specialist in gifted education"

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